Plush smart toys for your kids’ overall development in the digital age

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These smart plush toys “Qboo” are going to convince you why you should not stop your kids playing with these smart devices. You might be thinking that the excess use of technology or digital devices can have a bad impact on your kids’ overall development. To be frank, you are not the one who thinks that way. There are many more moms like you who are really worried with the way your kids seems to be addicted to these smart devices.

That is where Qboo is going to give you a lot of relief. Qboo which is a set of smart plush toys will change the way your kids interact with these devices. These toys come bundled with an interactive educational tablet application. Even if your kids seem to be occupied by these devices, but they are truly into these cute toys. Playing with these toys like you used to do in your childhood!

See the video: How Qboo toys work

For kids, playing with toys is an important part for their brain and overall development. It helps your kids improve their imagination and critical thinking. As the maker of Qboo says, “It is imperative for kids, particularly in their early stages to play with toys. Active play involving pretend-play and imaginative-play is a major part of healthy brain development as often stressed by child psychology experts”.

Qboo- A set of smart plush toys for your kids’ overall development

Plush smart toys Qboo for your kids' overall development in the digital age

Photo: courtesy of Kreyonic

Benefits for your kids while playing with Qboo toys

So when your kids are playing with Qboo, it will improve your kids’ social, intellectual, language, problem solving skills and hand/eye coordination. These toys also encourage your kids to think and imagine out of the box. Overall, these toys provide ideal simulation for kids imagination.

So as a mom, don’t you feel interested to get theses smart plush toys for your kids?

If you are looking for more information about Qboo toys, you can visit its Indiegogo campaign.

Homepage Image: courtesy of Kreyonic

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